Welcome Service for Jewish and Israeli Guests in Tübingen:

You are planning to come to Tübingen for a longer visit or to study or work at the

University for a while? You are from Israel or Jewish and would like to meet other people at an Oneg Shabbat or major holiday services? You need assistance with finding an apartment, help with German formalities etc.?

Please contact us at and let us know

Information platform: Bustan-Shalom offers his help for networking and coordinating activities related to Judaism in the region of Tübingen

Service for schools: If you need someone for your lessons, a project course or a presentation concerning Judaism we can help you.

Mobile Social Help Service (free for members of the community):

Bustan Shalom offers a free help service for people from the community who are in

need due to illness or age. The service depends on the help needed but could consist of

help with shopping, carrying heavy loads, cleaning, etc. Please understand that we can only offer this service if someone is really in need due to our limited resources.

Please contact us under and let us know if you need help.