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Bustan Shalom – Jüdischer Verein Tübingen e.V. is an organisation which supports Jewish life, culture and religion in the vicinity of Tübingen, an old university town in southern Germany. The organisation is the first officially registered Jewish organisation in the area since the destruction of the old community in 1933. The organisation is primarily a Jewish organisation, but it is also open for interested non-Jews who feel connected to Judaism.

We hold a regular Oneg Shabbat service and services on major holidays. In addition, we provide events for Jewish people and their friends such as movie nights or hike and study trips. We also offer “get together” events of Jews and non-Jews to promote understanding of Judaism. Our activities are constantly expanding. A number of services for community members such as mobile social help or a welcoming service for Jewish or Israeli Guests are in preparation.

Bustan Shalom – Jüdischer Verein Tübingen e.V. is registered at the local court of Tübingen (register No. 1645). It has also been approved as a non-profit organisation by the German tax authority.

Principles and aims according to our By-Laws

(1) The organisation is guided by the principles of Torah, which ask us to act responsibly and sustainably to built a peaceful and just society for all human beings. The observation of religious commandments is, however, a decision everyone has to make together with his or her conscience.

(2) The organisation aims to support Jewish life in Tübingen and to enable Jews to practise Jewish culture and religion.

(3) The organisation aims to promote understanding of and knowledge about Jewish culture and religion, for example, via classes about Jewish culture and religion or Hebrew language classes.

(4) The organisation aims to follow the Jewish principle Tikun Olam (to make the world better) and the Jewish principle of charity by assisting people in need and offering social and cultural services like childcare or care for elderly people.

(5) The organisation aims to promote intercultural and inter-religious dialog between Jews and non-Jews.

(6) The organisation is guided by the principles of an open Judaism. This especially means the equality of men and women, the way services are performed, the relation between the Torah and the individual, and the freedom of every single person to decide on his own which religion he or she would like to belong to, independent of the birth of his or her parents.

(7) The organisation is acts selflessly. The purposes of the organisation are limited to non-profit and charitable purposes. The organizations’s funds may only be used for purposes in conformance with these By-Laws. Members (in the role as Members) receive no funds from the organization. No person will receive funds from the organization for purposes not in conformance with these By-Laws, nor will anyone receive an inappropriately large payment.


e-mail: info@bustan-shalom.org



Cláudia Marx Rosenstein (President),

David Holinstat (President) 


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